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About the Fund: History

History of the Fund
1 october 1998
Ukrainian Charity Fund “Social partnership” obtains the certificate of registration as a non-profit-making charity organization.
November 1998
Day center for poor people “Stephania” was established. A soup kitchen and toilets started functioning. It was the first charity soup kitchen in Kyiv.
October 2000
The Medical center was opened. Disadvantaged people are examined and treated by the doctors: a surgeon and a therapist for free.
December 2000
A laundry and a disinfection chamber were opened in the Center. This was the only place where the homeless could launder and disinfect their things.
June 2002
The Spiritual and psychological support center for the poor was established.
A humanitarian bank of clothes, a barbershop and showers were opened.
May 2006
An art-studio was opened, where any center visitor can attract himself to Art.
September 2009
Homeless citizens registration Center started its functioning. The homeless obtained a chance to renew IDs and to receive Kyiv registration.
October 2009
A tailor workshop and a shoe-repair shop started functioning in day center for the poor “Stephania”
November 2009
The exhibition of the paintings of homeless artists “Art - registration” took place.
November 2009
Ukrainian Charity Fund “Social partnership” was registered in the Cabinet register as a recipient of charitable humanitarian assistance.
November 2009
A cooperation agreement between Ukrainian Charity Fund “Social partnership” and the Kyiv main employment center was signed to facilitate an employment of the visitors of day center for the poor “Stephania”.
February 2010
Start of “Dobrovosik” project – collection of food in Kyiv supermarkets. Nowadays “Dobrovosik” became our permanent project. More than 4000 people take part in this action every month, more than 500 children participate in master-classes, organized by the Fund, more than 40 volunteers participate in the food colleting management. The project goes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the multistores “Perekrestok” and “Auchan”.
April 2010
One of the most important directions of the Fund , “Social Patrol” started functioning. Socially disadvantaged people, who couldn’t come to day help center “Stephania” got a chance to obtain free services, important for them, outside the center.
September 2010
The fond and the center changed the location. The area of a new place is more than 2000 square meters. Now the center is able to take three times more people every day. The number of services, provided by the center, increased to 20 free services.
December 2010
The territorial extension of the functioning of mobile help service “Social patrol”. The number of feeding points increased from 6 to 10 points.
February 2011
A library for visitors was opened in the center. Nowadays there are 5 thousand books, a subscription for 12 periodicals, a film archive. At the same time visitors can pass the time playing quiet games like chess, lotto or crosswords.
September 2011
A computer class was opened in day help center for the poor “Stefania” in order to teach computer skills to the visitors. September 2011 – Geography of “Social Patrol” functioning was increased up to 24 mobile help points. From that moment social patrol has been providing 4 kinds of services: feeding, a medical assistance including an ambulance calling, a consultation and warm things distribution.
December 2011
We established cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Many heating points were opened in Kyiv for the period of winter frosts. The Fund supported people every day, providing a fresh hot meal and warm clothes.
December 2011
A 24-hour heating point was established at day center “Stephania”. Since that time the heating point always starts functioning as soon as the outside air temperature falls below -5°C - 7°C.
July 2012
Geography action mobile help desk "Social Watch" expanded to 31 mobile points of assistance.
November 2012
tart of metropolitan charity program “Kyivans help Kyivans”. The program mission is the organization of an ongoing collection of clothes from Kyiv inhabitants and a transfer to disadvantaged people: the pensioners, large families, the homeless and other poor people.
May 2014
Paid 8.6 million hryvnia families heroes who died on the Maidan.
July 2014
Overcome the barrier of 2500 servings of food handed out! At points "Social Watch" in the center of the soup kitchen "Stephania".
August 2014
Launched a project to help large families where brought up seven or more children under the age of 16.
September 2014
Sent 109 children from the ATO month vacation in Georgia.
November 2014
Completed 4 projects to raise funds for medical supplies for wounded soldiers ATO. Total transferred more than 400 thousand hryvnia.
February 2015
Launch of "Rescue Service homeless" - operative social and first aid to people who do not have permanent residence. Telephone "hot" line (067) 911-7-911.
June 2016
Large project "Colours of Hope", in which the artist Valeria Moye have decorated several health and social protection institutions with bright drawings, was launched.
October 2016
Furniture for kindergarten "Berizka", which is in the village of Petrovka Luhansk region, have purchased (11 double-decker beds and two chairs).
The history of the Fund's participation in associations
The Fund became a member of the Social Safety Net for the Homeless and Discharged Prisoners Council at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
The Fund becomes a signatory and a participant of UN Global Compact.
The Fund joins Ukrainian Philanthropists Association
The Fund becomes an associated member of European Federation of National Organizations working with the homeless “FEANTSA”
The Fund becomes a member of Ukrainian Philanthropists forum
The Fund becomes a member of Community board at the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.
Fund Awards
Contest “Philanthropist of the year”. The Fund receives a special award – “For grownups education for the improvement of their lives”.
Contest “Charitable Ukraine”. The winner in the nomination “Philanthropist – international (Ukrainian) charity fund”.
The contest "Charitable Ukraine" -2013 third place in the nomination "Philanthropist - International (Ukrainian) charitable foundation."
History Foundation Grant
International Charity Foundation “Renaissance”, - “Christmas with the poor and aged persons” grant
Microsoft Ukraine, the grant in the form of an software installation package for all the computers and servers of the Fund.
International Charity Foundation “Renaissance”, “The Homeless and poor social assistance (hot meal and medical treatment)” grant;
International Charity Foundation “Renaissance”, Emergency public assistance to the homeless “here and now”
“WHO”; “Involvement of the non-governmental organizations to a tuberculosis detection and treatment in risk groups” grant
International Charity Foundation “Renaissance”, “The Homeless Support in the course of financial and economic crisis” grant
Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, “Talent without crutches” grant.
Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, “Art saves a life” grant.
Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, “Right to a doctor” grant.
September 2014
"Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace" project "Help the wounded from the war zone ATO."
October 2014
"Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace" project "Assistance to the wounded soldiers from the area ATO" and "Bringing children to childhood."
November 2014
"Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace" project "Assistance to the wounded soldiers from the area ATO" and "Luxury must be useful."
December 2014
"Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace" projects "Warm ankle boots for the military" and "Bringing children to childhood."